Let’s do something a little bit different!

Would you like your wedding to be a little bit different? I imagine you do, if you are thinking about getting married in Costa Rica, you must be just a little adventurous!

Your wedding can be as classical or as different as you would like to make it. Think about different ways to use decorations that will make your wedding unique. Using local products is also an interesting way to bring some of the local art and culture into your wedding.

A wonderful way to make things a little bit different is with signs. Signs have become quite popular in the last year or so. but what you write on them is unique to you! They also make great photos. Look at this adorable flower girl, using the sign to introduce the bride to her Uncle.

Destination Weddings in Costa Rica

These wooden monkey seating cards, which are locally made in Costa Rica, not only are a fun way to find your seat for the wedding reception, but they make a great wedding gift for your guests. Destination Weddings in Costa Rica

What unique wedding ideas do you have? Did you get married in Costa Rica and do something a bit different that you loved? Please leave a comment if you would like to share you ideas.

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