Wedding planning leads to a successful ceremony and reception

All-inclusive Wedding Packages versus a Personalized Dream

Anything pre-packaged is never as good as something made from scratch.

When you and your wedding planner, Randy Gritz at Celebrations Costa Rica, start at the beginning with nothing but your dreams, ideas and wishes, plus her suggestions, your wedding will blossom into life and become an unforgettable, unique occasion for you and your loved ones.

All-inclusive resorts and hotels, turn out “All-inclusive Wedding Packages” like hot cakes – one size fits all. Often, the assembly line can handle two or three marriages a day, and is always ready to roll. You often don’t get the option of choosing your own menu, cake, decorations, flowers, lawyer, even vows or all the special, traditional elements that compose an Indian or Jewish ethnic wedding.

Randy, however, has been helping people to personalize their wedding to reflect their own vision for the last 8 years. She has lived in Costa Rica for over 20 years, speaks fluent Spanish and has built a working relationship with some of the best and most talented wedding service providers in the country. Always aware of budget restrictions, Randy will suggest locations to suit you and your wish to marry on the beach, in the rainforest, cloud forest or at a resort overlooking a volcano.

A lavish affair, a small family wedding, a simple exchanging of vows or an elopement is all part of the challenge Randy loves to face. She will make suggestions, help with menu choices, offer a custom designed wedding cake to your taste, arrange the florist, decorations, photographer, musicians, lawyer and many other personal requirements you may ask for – in other words, a personalized “all inclusive wedding package” made just for your special day.

If you plan your wedding with Celebrations Costa Rica you won’t have to accept standardized items or features that you don’t like, or want to pay for, which are offered at hotel and resort All-inclusive Packages. You will have the opportunity to be creative and choose exactly what you want to enhance your very special day with your own particular style and personality. Whatever your heart desires, Randy will enjoy making it happen for you – your personalized and unique wedding.