Colorful Wedding at Zephyr Palace

colorful ceremony at Zephyr Palace with bride and groomWhat was important to Cameron and Matt was a beautiful location, tropical, dancing and spending time with close friends and family.  Since their previous visit to Costa Rica the location was an easy choice.  They had already visited Villa Caletas and loved the view, location and Zephyr Palace. Continue reading “Colorful Wedding at Zephyr Palace” »

Mescal Inspired Wedding Day

sno cones on the beach

A simple wedding on the beach turning out to be an all day- all night celebration.  Nick and Beatrice chose the beautiful beach in Manuel Antonio for their wedding.  Everything started early in the morning.
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Summer and Chris – Wedding at Villa Caletas

ampatheater ceremonyThe Amphitheatre at Villa Caletas was the backdrop for Summer and Chris to tie the knot.  It’s an amazing place to get married with an incredible view of the Pacific Ocean.  Continue reading “Summer and Chris – Wedding at Villa Caletas” »

Michelle and Chris – Wedding at Zephyr Palace

zephyr ceremonyMichelle and Chris were all about having a great wedding celebration. The backdrop was Zephyr Palace at Villa Caletas. The day was sunny and the ceremony took place in front of the infinity pool with an incredible view of the ocean. Continue reading “Michelle and Chris – Wedding at Zephyr Palace” »

Elopement at the Grand Papagayo Occidental Resort

Angie and Kevin had been dating long distance from the Texas to Canada.  They tied the knot at the Grand Papagayo Resort. Their ceremony overlooked the large arc-shaped Culebra Bay.  The world-class beaches in Northern Guanacaste are spectacular.  The resort is adults only and all-inclusive.  Close to the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano and right on the ocean makes this a perfect location for a wedding. The day was romantic and full of charm.

wedding canapy over looking the ocean in Guanacaste Costa Rica

wedding canopy over looking the ocean in Guanacaste Costa Rica

John Williamson provided the wonderful photos.  wedding rings in shellcouple on Costa Rican Beach reflectionpurple, lilac and white bouquetsweetheart cakeDCIM104GOPRO

Millenial Weddings Dare to Be Different

costa-rica-wedding-tamarindo8721 (3)I’ve noticed many changes in what the bride and groom envision for their wedding  over the past 9 years.  Ann Taylor nailed many of changes in her article in the Huffington Post. Continue reading “Millenial Weddings Dare to Be Different” »

Christine & Sky’s wedding at Casa Oceano Tango Mar

Imagine staying in a villa steps from the beach in Costa Rica. Casa Oceano a beautiful home with a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean was the background for Christine & Sky’s wedding. Having a wedding during green season can be tricky but they were blessed with a sunny day, pristine beach and surrounded by family and friends.canopy ivory and coral hydrangeas and rosesChristine and Sky decided after fourteen years of being together to tie the knot . Christine was finishing up her dissertation for her PhD. She had lots of ideas and twists to make this day special for her guests and family. Sky was the point person working with the planner to incorporate everything into the time line. They opted for a noon wedding with the festivities lasting into the evening. Flower decor incorporated ivory and coral using primarily hydrangeas, roses and orchids.bouquet ivory and coral  Guests were also treated to bags of coffee and wine stoppers. Besides traditional vows there was also a sand ceremony.perfect blendsand ceremony 1 Lunch was served on the patio followed by cutting the sea shell inspired cake and then a scavenger hunt. seashell cakescavenger huntThere was a break to relax and go for a swim. A local marimba band provided music for the cocktail hour. After some dancing everyone adjourned for a lobster and fish dinner. There were toasts, laughter and more dancing. Another surprise was a duo of fire dancers. The couple got into the act and showed they could spin with fire. fire dancer 2fire dancer brideWish lanterns were brought out for the guests to send skyward and the event ended with a bonfire on the beach. couple on beach with rocks Thanks to El Velo and Vicky Longland for the great photos.

Personalize Your Wedding With Help From Family and Friends

I’m often asked how a couple can make their wedding special and incorporate the help and personality of their guests and family. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt knocked this concept out of the park. The wedding was very laid back and focused on their family. Angela Jolie’s Versace wedding gown had a traditional fitted bodice and full skirt.angelia-weddng-dress What made this look stand out was her children’s art work hand-sewn into the veil. Talk about setting a trend. I can see this veil being passed down to her daughters. I envision many brides embracing this look for 2015. Their wedding cake was designed and made by their children. angelina-wedding-cakeThe “naked wedding cake” will also be a trend for this upcoming year. It’s a cake without icing.

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Wedding Marriott Los Sueños Resort, Costa Rica – Fiorella & Jason

The couple met at a Tae Kwon Do class when they were in elementary school. Years later while vacationing in Bimini Jason proposed getting down on one knee. It wasn’t surprising to hear that they wanted a romantic, intimate and fun wedding in Costa Rica.

Fiorella an event planner knew exactly what she wanted. As designers we both knew everything was in the details. A nautical theme with a color palate of navy and yellow added to the richness of this wedding.


A clear tent with a yellow rose petal aisle along with a canopy featuring yellow lilies framed the ceremony which took place on the lawn in front of the ocean.

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Having your wedding at the Four Seasons Resort in Costa Rica

Driving into the resort you’ll pass through a palm lined manicured drive bringing you through the golf course and finally the reception area of the resort.  It is a beautiful drive via a windy road forcing you to take your time and enjoy the scenery.  The Four Seasons is all about comfort, great service and finding ways to pamper their guests – a wonderful beach wedding destination.

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Worth the Splurge – Are Wedding Costs Worth It?

When looking over your wedding budget you may ask yourself is this really worth the cost. There are a few items that can really make the day spectacular and consideration should be given to keeping these splurges.

Photography is the first area where you have lots of options. Go with the photographer whose style speaks to you.

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Different Types of Wedding Cakes

Other than the bridal bouquet, choosing the wedding cake is one of the most popular traditions. History shows us that wheat, grains, seeds and nuts are universal symbols of fertility. The ancient Greeks served sesame seed pies. Small wheat cakes where sharing at Roman weddings and wheat biscuits were broken over the bride’s head at Anglo-Saxon weddings.


Tropical Beach Sea Shell Wedding Cake

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Survey Shows Brides Prefer the Beach – Costa Rica Wedding Destinations

costa-rica-wedding-tamarindo-beachBrides prefer the beach?  Yes!
The beaches in Costa Rica are beautiful and not as crowded as beaches in the US and Mexico.  I love it when I can find a secluded beach for a ceremony.  Guests are often surprised see monkeys and iguanas that watch the ceremony from the top of the trees   There is nothing like a reception right in front of the ocean.  Some of my favorite sites for beach weddings are Manuel Antonio, Playa Hermosa, Playa Portrero, Flamingo, and the Caribbean.

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Donations to Costa Rican Non-Profits in Lieu of Wedding Favors

Giving with a purpose to support the local community

Non-profits that put up monkey bridges

Non-profits that put up monkey bridges in Manuel Antonio

I’m often asked about what should we give our guests as a favor to remember our wedding. I have a list that usually includes things like Costa Rican coffee, personalized mugs with a tropical animal as the handle and sarongs for the beach. These are great gifts but I want to focus on another trend by donating something meaningful to the community. A card is left at each guest’s place setting letting them know that in lieu of favors a donation to the community has been made.

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Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica Beach Wedding

February 17, 2014
After 12 years and two kids together Burgess got down on bended knee and asked Rachelle to marry him! Their family was taking a two week vacation in Manuel Antonio and this was the perfect opportunity for their wedding on the beach.

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The Best Wedding Photos of 2013 & Tropical Costa Rican Wedding Photos

Photography has to be one of the most important choices when putting together your wedding budget.  Hiring a professional photographer can make all the difference between ho-hum and spectacular wedding photos that will stand up to time.  We’re all taking photos with our phones and tablets but they just don’t measure up to professional photo. There is so much to consider including the lighting, composition and point of view. Consider the professional that had the idea and took the photo below.


Of course, when using your iPhone / iPad to take photos, be sure to follow proper photo etiquette, especially when it pertains to the ceremony itself.

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Costa Rica Wedding Ceremony & Reception with Unexpected Surprises

Stan and Lisa are into the arts wanted a wedding with a twist around each corner. Unexpected surprises brought a smiles to everyone’s face. Guests were shown to their seats by a mime.

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Changes in Trends for Destination Weddings

Let’s look at some of the changes in wedding trends for a destination wedding.

Gifts…The last thing anyone wants to do is bring extra baggage when traveling. Make sure you are registered on line at a number of stores in your community. Knowing what you’d like makes gift giving easier on your guests. Make sure that you let them know to send the gifts to your home. You may be traveling after the wedding and the last thing you want is to carry the wedding gifts. Luggage limits of 25 pounds on small airplanes can prove to be a challenge when traveling after the ceremony.

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