How about a Beach Elopement in Costa Rica?

Your idea for your wedding was “Beautiful, Intimate and Simple”?
A wedding..SIMPLE! I can hear you chuckling…..well it really can simple and unforgettable with a beach elopement in Costa Rica.

You can pick from one of the hundreds of beautiful beaches in Costa Rica and use that as a stunning backdrop. On the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica the sun normally set over the water, you really can’t beat that for your wedding photographs.

Other than that it can be as simple as you want it to make.
Elopement at Langosta Beach

In this Beach Elopement, that I recently planned in Playa Langosta, besides the Bride and Groom, the only extras were a bouquet, boutonniere, officiate and witnesses. The couples found it a wonderfully intimate experience, as we were the just about the only people on the beach. They did decide to hire a photographer to so that they could share this amazing day with all their friends and family at home.

costa rica beach weddingsunset beach wedding

Now all YOU need to do is pick a dress!

Have a great week and if you have any questions or want to start planning your elopement or wedding in Costa Rica please do get in touch.

Photography at this elopement provided by El Velo



2 thoughts on “How about a Beach Elopement in Costa Rica?

  1. I am traveling to Costa Rica in August and would like to elope there. What do you offer for services and prices. It will be me, my fiancée, and our 2 daughters present with us no other guests. I would like to do a beach wedding as well. Just simple with flowers, a small cake, photography, and someone to marry us. Please let me know what you offer.

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