Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica Beach Wedding

February 17, 2014
After 12 years and two kids together Burgess got down on bended knee and asked Rachelle to marry him! Their family was taking a two week vacation in Manuel Antonio and this was the perfect opportunity for their wedding on the beach.

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Costa Rica Wedding Ceremony & Reception with Unexpected Surprises

Stan and Lisa are into the arts wanted a wedding with a twist around each corner. Unexpected surprises brought a smiles to everyone’s face. Guests were shown to their seats by a mime.

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Changes in Trends for Destination Weddings

Let’s look at some of the changes in wedding trends for a destination wedding.

Gifts…The last thing anyone wants to do is bring extra baggage when traveling. Make sure you are registered on line at a number of stores in your community. Knowing what you’d like makes gift giving easier on your guests. Make sure that you let them know to send the gifts to your home. You may be traveling after the wedding and the last thing you want is to carry the wedding gifts. Luggage limits of 25 pounds on small airplanes can prove to be a challenge when traveling after the ceremony.

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Manuel Antonio Weddings on the Beach in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has been recognized as the top destination for weddings in Latin America in The Knot Market Intelligence: 2012 Destination Weddings Study, capturing 36 percent of the vote for first place. The Wall Street Journal reports that “The Costa Rica brand” is exciting, adventurous, tropical and sexy. North American and European couples see this tropical paradise as a romantic, adventurous wedding destination, where getting married at the foot of a volcano, beneath the palms of a white sand beach, or in the heart of the rainforest, are perfect backdrops for starting a new life together.


Wedding ceremony on the Manuel Antonio Beach in Costa Rica

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Waterfall Elopement Wedding in Costa Rica


John Williamson Wedding Photography

Getting married at a waterfall is an incredible experience. Is is the perfect background for your wedding. The sheer force of the water and the crisp air create an energy that pairs with saying your wedding vows. Surrounded by nature there are often unexpected guests like monkeys, toucans and maybe a beautiful blue morpho butterfly. The ceremony ends and there is a sense of peace. The sound of cascade overwhelms everything and you’ll find your focus on each other. It’s a ideal way to start a marriage.
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Guanacaste, Costa Rica Beach Wedding in the Green Season

“Since we met the day before our wedding I did not think about any details and just focused on relaxing and enjoying the moment. Then, when we got to the reception, we were so pleased that we didn’t have to worry about a thing. Everything was beautiful and you really paid attention to my requests for various details. We left Guanacaste feeling like we just had the most amazing wedding EVER. Thank you, Randy!”

Ellie and Ed had their wedding in Guanacaste. Located in the northern part of Costa Rica it is one of the driest areas of the country. This wedding day was perfect during our “green season” and the weather cooperated.

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Costa Rica – Tips on The Right Wedding Destination

I ran into an interesting wedding article the other day. While most articles talk about many different locations to go to, their advantages and disadvantages,, this one talked about wedding planning tips to help you with your destination decision – no matter where it was that you decided to go. In reading it, I thought how nicely Costa Rica fit into some of their advice and cautions.

The article starts out:
Here are the top tips for a destination wedding:
1. Pick the perfect spot
The location of your wedding determines not only the mood (rustic, sophisticated, beachy), but also the travel, time and budget required to pull it off. You want your guests to walk away from your wedding weekend saying, “That was so them!” Your wedding elements – not just location, but also activities and overall vibe – should say something about your personal style and your passions. Did he propose on vacation in Paris? Then why not host a swank wedding in the City of Lights? Are you foodies? Think about gathering your crew in a place like Tuscany or California wine country. Or if you love outdoor adventures, consider Costa Rica, where guests can zipline through the treetops before the rehearsal dinner.
Read the complete wedding tip article here.

It was interesting to me as a wedding coordinator, that out of all the places in the world to get married, Costa Rica was mentioned by the author! I feel the same way.

bridal-bouque- toss-costa-rica

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Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica Beach Wedding

Wedding on the beach and reception under the full moon!
One of my favorite locations for a wedding is Manuel Antonio!
ceremony in manuel antonio
It is the home of one of the most beautiful national parks in the country. Alexis and Johnny are frequent visitors to Costa Rica.
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Beachfront Wedding at Casa Oceano Villa in Costa Rica

Michelle and Dennis had an intimate beachfront ceremony sourrounded by their close family and friends on the deck of Casa Oceano in Tango Mar. They had been to the house on numerous occasions and decided it was the perfect spot for their wedding.

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Wedding Catamaran Cruise – Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Amanda and William were looking for a something a little different for their wedding. Family and friends joined them on a catamaran cruising off the beautiful coast of Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.  The ceremony was held on the Catamaran’s spacious deck which was decorated with blue silk and white orchids.

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Let’s do something a little bit different!

Would you like your wedding to be a little bit different? I imagine you do, if you are thinking about getting married in Costa Rica, you must be just a little adventurous!

Your wedding can be as classical or as different as you would like to make it. Think about different ways to use decorations that will make your wedding unique. Using local products is also an interesting way to bring some of the local art and culture into your wedding.

A wonderful way to make things a little bit different is with signs. Signs have become quite popular in the last year or so. but what you write on them is unique to you! They also make great photos. Look at this adorable flower girl, using the sign to introduce the bride to her Uncle.

Destination Weddings in Costa Rica
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Ideas for Tropical Wedding Arches in Costa Rica

If you are planning on getting married in Costa Rica, then you are probably want to enjoy Costa Rica’s beautiful weather, views and having an outdoor wedding  You might be dreaming of a sunset beach wedding, a wedding in the rainforest or maybe a wedding near a volcano. Using an arch can add a wonderful focal point to your outdoor ceremony.

Celebrations Costa Rica - Destination Wedding Planning

Palm fronds and tropical flowers were used to make this stunning arch.

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Tropical Beach Wedding Decor Ideas

Many of the weddings that I plan in Costa Rica are beach weddings. Costa Rica has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and with Costa Rica’s 1000+ miles of Pacific and Caribbean coast you are spoiled for choices!
Here are some natural decorations and flowers that are perfect for beach weddings, these photos are from a vow renewal I planned at Discovery Beach House in Manuel Antonio.

Celebrations Costa Rica Destination Wedding Planners
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Review of a Catamaran Wedding, Manuel Antonio, Costa RIca

Hi Friends,

I just wanted to share this amazing Tripadvisor review with you. This is what makes being a wedding planner so worthwhile. Photos and blog to come about this wedding….on a boat!

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

“Cruise of a LIFETIME!”
Reviewed March 9, 2013
With the very talented help of Randy Gritz from Celebrations Costa Rica  wedding planning we planned our dream-come-true wedding and reception on the Tom Cat II catamaran in Costa Rica. Randy is well connected with a 4 star network of vendors to suit every couples’ tastes and budgets. She helped us select the best hair/makeup artist, florist, photographer,  catamaran company, van transportation, and bakery for our wedding.
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How about a Beach Elopement in Costa Rica?

Your idea for your wedding was “Beautiful, Intimate and Simple”?
A wedding..SIMPLE! I can hear you chuckling…..well it really can simple and unforgettable with a beach elopement in Costa Rica.

You can pick from one of the hundreds of beautiful beaches in Costa Rica and use that as a stunning backdrop. On the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica the sun normally set over the water, you really can’t beat that for your wedding photographs.

Other than that it can be as simple as you want it to make.
Elopement at Langosta Beach
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