Scottish Wedding at Pangas Beach Club Tamardindo

Ashley and Adam wanted a rustic beach wedding that spoke to being in Costa Rica.  Pangas Beach Club in Tamarindo was the perfect location.  It was private, on the beach, fabulous food and a great crowd of friends and family to support the new couple.  It turned out to be a fun party with the focus on music to get everyone up and dancing.  Guests came from all over the world to be part of this celebration.

The ceremony was on the beach under a tent.  Normally November is the change in seasons and they were very lucky that there wasn’t any rain.  The wedding took place the day after Hurricane Oscar.  Costa Rica normally doesn’t have this weather phenomenon and it’s been over 100 years since the last Hurricane.


What made this ceremony a little different was the Scottish tradition the “Oathing Stone.”  It is believed that an oath given near stone or water was considered more binding. There was a small stone placed on each seat.  A larger stone was on the alter and the vows were spoken as the couple placed their hands on the stone.  Guests held their stone and reflected on wishes of love, happiness, prosperity, and unity as the couple embarks on this new chapter in their lives.



The decor featured pastel tones with succulents and driftwood.  Small bottles of Johnny Walker Black were on each table adding to Ashley’s Scottish heritage. The kids had a special table arrangement made of candy and were kept busy coloring on the paper table cloth. The reception was held upstairs overlooking the beach.

The food was excellent and there was a dessert bar which not only included the cake, cupcakes but also a chocolate fountain.

The focus was on dancing and having a good time.  A fire pit on the beach provided extra light and a fun place to hang out enjoying a drink.



Thanks goes out to Eduardo Lopez Phtography for capturing Ashley and Adam’s special day.

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