Survey Shows Brides Prefer the Beach – Costa Rica Wedding Destinations

costa-rica-wedding-tamarindo-beachBrides prefer the beach?  Yes!
The beaches in Costa Rica are beautiful and not as crowded as beaches in the US and Mexico.  I love it when I can find a secluded beach for a ceremony.  Guests are often surprised see monkeys and iguanas that watch the ceremony from the top of the trees   There is nothing like a reception right in front of the ocean.  Some of my favorite sites for beach weddings are Manuel Antonio, Playa Hermosa, Playa Portrero, Flamingo, and the Caribbean.

The results of a study, conducted by Northstar that examined American attitudes towards weddings, were revealed today. This was reported in an article in the ETN Global Travel News where it is quoted that 43 percent of brides citing a beach wedding as their preference.


swag-ceremony-decorIt doesn’t come as a surprise to me that Expedia’s 2014 American Altar Report found that Americans find traditional wedding planning to be hugely stressful, ranking it ahead of such stress-drivers as paying taxes, going for job interviews and taking driving tests. Hiring a wedding planner takes the stress out of a destination wedding.  Most of the Americans surveyed believe that destination weddings are more fun, and among those who have had a destination wedding, 76 percent believe they are far less stressful than traditional ceremonies. Besides new brides, 67 percent of married Americans say they are likely to renew their vows at some point during their marriage and would choose a destination ceremony.

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