Changes in Trends for Destination Weddings

Let’s look at some of the changes in wedding trends for a destination wedding.

Gifts…The last thing anyone wants to do is bring extra baggage when traveling. Make sure you are registered on line at a number of stores in your community. Knowing what you’d like makes gift giving easier on your guests. Make sure that you let them know to send the gifts to your home. You may be traveling after the wedding and the last thing you want is to carry the wedding gifts. Luggage limits of 25 pounds on small airplanes can prove to be a challenge when traveling after the ceremony.

Technology… Just about everyone has a smart phone, i-pad or digital camera. Many couples have opted to have a tech free wedding. Let your guests know that you want them to support your ceremony by turning off their gadget and being there with you. This can be done with signs or as part of your wedding program.

bahia-breaking- the-glass-ceremonyMake your own tradition… You’re at the beach and events are normally less formal. You can work with the officiant to create your own ceremony. Often I see blended traditions that can be part of the wedding. Recently I had a Jewish and Basque wedding. One tradition was breaking of a glass which marked the conclusion of the ceremony. With shouts of “Mazel Tov. During the reception a wine skin was passed around the room for the guests. There are no rules when it comes to creating your wedding with your personal traditions.

sand-ceremonyHere’s a link to an article that gives a little more information.

New Wedding Trends

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