Vow Renewal Manuel Antonio Beach Costa Rica

When my phone rang the last thing I expected to hear was, “I’m bringing my wife Krista to Costa Rica on vacation. We’ve been married over 10 years and I’m going to surprise her by renewing our vows”  It’s not often a groom contacts me about a vow renewal.

They were staying at the Discovery Beach House in Manuel Antonio on gorgeous Espadilla Beach with one of the prettiest tropical rain forests in all of Costa Rica as a backdrop. The setting was amazingly romantic.

To double their pleasure Guy’s friend Bill had decided to renew his vows with his wife Dawn as well. Both husbands managed to keep the secret until a day or so before the ceremony, just in case their wives wanted to shop or get their hair done. Smart grooms. Lucky brides.

The day was perfect. Warm weather, the salt air smell of the sea and the sound of waves softly washing the shore was an ideal setting for the two couples as they renewed their vows on the beach. Bamboo poles with tropical flower arrangements blended beautifully with the environment.

After the ceremony Guy & Krista and Bill & Dawn were serenaded by local musicians. When they walked up the orchid-lined path back to the house there was a lovely wedding cake with cascading white orchids waiting for them to cut and a wonderful lunch prepared by a chef.

musicians playing at a vow renewal ceremony at Manuel Antonio Beach Costa Rica

In a later Facebook post to the owner of the Discovery Beach House Bill said, “It took me 12 years to prove to my wife I’m romantic!”

Guy and Bill – you not only proved to your wives you’re romantic; you raised the bar on how to romance and surprise your wife after a decade of marriage.

Manuel Antonio Beach Vow Renewal and Wading in the Surf

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