Waterfall Elopement Wedding in Costa Rica


John Williamson Wedding Photography

Getting married at a waterfall is an incredible experience. Is is the perfect background for your wedding. The sheer force of the water and the crisp air create an energy that pairs with saying your wedding vows. Surrounded by nature there are often unexpected guests like monkeys, toucans and maybe a beautiful blue morpho butterfly. The ceremony ends and there is a sense of peace. The sound of cascade overwhelms everything and you’ll find your focus on each other. It’s a ideal way to start a marriage.

Leave your heels at home. A waterfall wedding requires a bit of a hike. Even at a hotel you will have to walk down many steps. This video is a snippet of a wedding in the Montezuma area. It was an elopement at sunrise. The bride and groom, photographer, videographer and officiate had a hike ahead of them but it was worth the effort. The spot was beautiful, and secluded (except for a few animals), and culminated with the bride and groom jumping in to the waterfall pool!


John Williamson shot the original video from which this version was made, below.


More waterfall wedding photography at La Paz Waterfall – from John Williamson Photographywedding-couple-la-paz-waterfall


4 thoughts on “Waterfall Elopement Wedding in Costa Rica

    • Everything depends on the size of your group and their ability to take a little hike. There are some places that are accessible via a path.

  1. Randy, I need to know your price for your services at the montezuma waterfall,
    And the lawyer U recommended , if i can book you and the lawyer for December
    For December 22 or the 23 , which ever would work for the both of you. I’m trying
    To get this all arranged . Sooner the better I understand that time is of the
    Essence on this . Their will only be the four of us, simple but elegant and rustic.
    You sent me the lawyer info and I have wrote him and he responded, I then
    Contacted him again and their reply way are u looking for randy I need you
    Both thank jessica smith

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