The Best Wedding Photos of 2013 & Tropical Costa Rican Wedding Photos

Photography has to be one of the most important choices when putting together your wedding budget.  Hiring a professional photographer can make all the difference between ho-hum and spectacular wedding photos that will stand up to time.  We’re all taking photos with our phones and tablets but they just don’t measure up to professional photo. There is so much to consider including the lighting, composition and point of view. Consider the professional that had the idea and took the photo below.


Of course, when using your iPhone / iPad to take photos, be sure to follow proper photo etiquette, especially when it pertains to the ceremony itself.

I was just reading, or maybe I should say viewing, a blog on The Bridal Guide via The Huffington Post that I wanted to share with you, entitled,
“Best Wedding Photos of 2013”
  Although not tropical, they are catchy, and one is below.


Here are some of my favorite, Costa Rican tropical wedding photographs, below.  Many thanks to Eduardo Lopez, John Williamson and Cristina Craft for their wonderful photography.

Tamarindo Beach wedding couple, Costa Rica

Tamarindo wedding couple, Costa Rica


Wedding couple on the beach in Costa Rica under a full moon.

Wedding Couple under tropical rainbow in Costa Rica

Wedding Couple under tropical rainbow in Costa Rica

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